CIP Applied Course

The five-day Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) Applied Course allows students to apply directly what they learned in the Program and Technical courses to an actual CIP assessment. It teaches candidates how to conduct an integrated CIP assessment of a facility, campus or organization.

This Applied course is predominantly hands-on. Individually, and in small groups, candidates will conduct an analysis of threats, hazards, vulnerabilities and risks and provide recommendations on the appropriate safeguards to protect identified CI. The analysis tools used will be those taught during the Program and Technical Courses. This course will cover the skill sets required of each of the specialists in a CIP assessment team, describing the areas for information gathering and analysis required of each specialty.

A typical installation will be assessed by the students under the supervision of the instructors. The proactive nature of this course builds on the experience of the instructional cadre in planning and conducting assessments of large critical infrastructure installations. Tools and guidance will be provided to students and will be exercised during the assessment.  A security clearance and /or background check may be required, as well as the signing of a nondisclosure agreement.

There is no final written examination for this course.  Students will be assessed by the instructors on their participation, their oral briefing skills, their ability to analyze a problem, their skill at evaluating options and making recommendations, and their ability to work as a member of a multi-disciplinary team. Upon successful completion of all three components of the course, students will have demonstrated the required knowledge and skills to effectively manage a CIP program.

Both the Program and Technical Courses must be completed, in sequence, before the CIP Applied Course may be undertaken.