CII Code of Ethics

The Critical Infrastructure Institute encourages professionals who work in Critical Infrastructure Protection to conduct themselves in an honourable, professional, and ethical manner at all times. They should uphold the values of honesty, trustworthiness, respect and commitment in their effort to contribute to the preservation of human lives and the safeguarding of public and private critical infrastructure. In keeping with these principles, these professionals should:

    1. Hold paramount the health and safety of human life and protection of critical infrastructure.

    2. Provide an honest evaluation of risks and protection requirements.

    3. Provide services and advice only in your area of expertise.

    4. Act as a faithful agent of your clients, superiors and key stakeholders.

    5. Respect the work and intellectual property of others.

    6. Adhere to all statutes, regulations and by-laws pertaining to your area of expertise.

    7. Maintain and upgrade your knowledge, skills and competence in CIP on a regular basis. 8. Treat people fairly, honestly, equitably and objectively in your professional dealings.

    9. Protect sensitive and proprietary information that is provided in confidence.