Recent Graduates

Students and Faculty – October 2011

Vesna McIntyre, Hans Gartner, Dean Dimonte, Ghislain Leroux, Robert Fletcher, Gavin McLintock (Lead Instructor), Grant Suffel (Lead Instructor), Ken McLean (Instructor), Fred Maurette (Instructor), Richard Houseman (Chief Learning Officer), Ted Broadhurst (Not Pictured), Darren Knight (Not Pictured)

Students and Faculty – Feb 20th to March 4th 2011

Dave Mugridge, Richard Houseman, Grant Lecky, Réjean Paquette, Don Johnson, Ken Gates, Marcia Quinn, Wayne Pickering (Chief Learning Officer), Dix Lawson, Darroch Woodward, Todd Moxley, Paula-Marie Jannetta-Saric, Fred Maurette, Gavin McLintock (Instructor), Grant Stuffel (Instructor - not pictured)